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It’s that time of year when young people are thinking of how they are going to spend their summer holidays and my son is no exception! He’s been planing a great rail trip around Europe with his friends for some time but organising this is made very simple by USIT who are experts in student travel around the world! Rail travel is hugely popular at the moment and works out inexpensive as a great way of seeing several countries over a relatively short period of time. My son and his gang are planning  on seven days of travel over three weeks and the flexible ticket is working out about €258 for a youth… read on if you’d like to know more!

Interrail is a pre-paid rail ticket that can be used for long-haul train journeys all across Europe.  Once you buy your Interrail ticket you can literally jump on the train in Paris and travel to Bucharest, Rome, Prague and any other town or city in Europe that has a train station. There’s so much flexibility with Interrailing that you can just show up at the train station and jump on the next train to wherever you fancy, sit back and relax and enjoy the view of the countryside from the window.


USIT offer two types of Interrail tickets one being the Flexi where you have a number of allocated travel days within a month.  So if you’re planning on travelling by train to Berlin, for example then spending 3 or 4 days wandering around the city then you don’t need to use your train ticket on those days, so there’s no point paying for it.

The Continuous Interrail ticket means you can basically use your train ticket any day during a specified period of time. So you can buy a week, fortnight or monthly ticket where you can use the train every single day within your ticket dates.


The whole experience of Interrailing is so flexible that you can change your travel plans daily if you feel like it.  You may meet a group at a hotel in Krakow that you are getting on so well with and decide to hang out with them a little longer or even change your next stop to and head to Budapest with them instead of your planned stop at Bratislava.


Don’t be under any illusions that Interrailing is only for the kids, the senior ticket offers discounts to anyone over 60 and parents do well out of it too as children under 11 go free.

Where else on the planet could you travel such a short distance and encounter so many different languages, cultures, types of traditional food, dress and dance?  Only in Europe!  This type of experience is not available on any other continent on the planet.


Log on to for examples of routes that have been popular over the years.  Here’s a snapshot of a trip option, THE CLASSIC – covers all of these must see locations:

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Prague, Czechia
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Zagreb, Croatia
  • Lake Bled, Bled, Radovljica, Slovenia


Keep in mind that rail travel is more environmentally friendly that flying so if you’re a conscious traveller this is most definitely the option for you.

To learn more about routes and packages call USIT today on  (01) 602 1906 or go to


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