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We can’t travel but we can still dream about it and be carried away by our tv, books and podcasts… The Novel Traveller, I’ve some  great ideas to lift your spirits and dream of distant climes until we can travel again.

TV Series

Gordon, Gino’s and Freds Road Trip

TV chef’s Gordon Ramsay Gino D’Acampo and Fred Sirieux have a road trip through France, Italy and Scotland with lovely scenery and delicious food. It’s pure escapism and cheesy one-liners but the settings are glorious and they meet great people along the way.


There are two shows that will lift your spirits and one of them will make you laugh.

Travels with my Father

Jack Whitehall and his father have made four seasons of this hilarious series where Jack brings his unsuspecting father with him around the world. This is very much tongue in cheek travel and the first season is the best when they travel to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. The pair start off in Bangkok and travel to Phuket and other islands where they sea kayak, attend a full moon party and buy Luk Thep dolls and Jack’s father names his Winston and the doll is carried around for the rest of the trip. The second series takes in lesser explored European destinations such as Moldova and Chernobyl and ends in Istanbul

Our Planet

Also on Netflix in Our Planet with David Attenborough and this series is especially beautifully shot. David makes a plea to take care of the world and highlights the sheer numbers of species at risk but also the fact that there are many not discovered yet. The series addresses issues of conservation while featuring these desperate animals in their respective home regions, and has been noted for its greater focus on humans’ impact on the environment than traditional nature documentaries, centering around how climate change impacts all living creatures. It is the first nature documentary Netflix has ever made.  The cinematography is stunning.


The Way

This 2010 movie is a story about the Camino and staring Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez his son and also director. The camino has been incredibly popular in recent years with people seeing them as a retreat and way to find themselves. I think this sort of holiday will be even more popular in the future when we can travel again and now that most of us are out walking everyday.

In Bruges

This great 2008 movie is set in one of Europes most beautiful cities – it is a riot staring Brendan Gleason and Colin Farrell. The movie is about two Irish hitmen in hiding from their boss Ralph Fiennes and directed by Martin McDonagh. Bruges is the type of city which we all dream of visiting for a little weekend when we can travel again and this movie will keep you laughing albeit black humour.


Podcasts have grown in popularity over the last year especially as people listen to them when they are out on their walks.

There are many to chose from and a good one to start with is this from a long-standing travel expert.

Travel with Rick Steves

Rick Steves has a wonderful youtube channel worth checking out and it is like stepping into a different country when he describes the places and they are quite historical and full of information.

There are several funny ones out there and one new one from yours truly The Novel Traveller Podcast – available on and itunes and spotify.

The Novel Traveller Podcast

Every Friday I’ll be chatting with a different guest who reveals their travel preferences and experiences.

From Keith Barry, Madeleine Keane, Sallyanne Clarke, John Sheahan from the Dubliners and Linda Maher – My first episode is live and that’s with Ivan Yates.

Click for podcast

I’ll also be chatting with people in the travel industry with news of how travel is moving forward in their country and with ideas for how we can travel again moving forward.


Website magazines

Go Wild Magazine

If you are thinking of taking a staycation this year then you will find everything you need to know at Go This wonderful online magazine offers the full editions of reports around the country with things to do places to stay and it’s all done categorically with northern Ireland edition, wild atlantic way, Irelands ancient East and so on. There are daily posts and keep an eye on it when things really start to open up.



Journey to the Heartland

A great way to travel is through the pages of a book. I’ve finally got down to publishing my latest novel which is a father daughter road trip through America’s Heartland. Readers are taken to places that most people won’t know exist as Oklahoma is a lesser visited state. I’m hoping it will inspire people to visit states that they haven’t thought of before. It’s also a love story and delves into the theme of father and daughter relationships.

Buy Journey to the Heartland online at and get free postage anywhere in Ireland


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