Las Vegas in Dublin

Me with Caroline Coyle Snr Vice President of  Marketing LVCVB

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau swept into Dublin on May 9th just as Mercury was making its transit across the sun. They took me and many of the Irish Media for a wonderful lunch in Residence where the director Caroline Coyle told us about the new Las Vegas Virtual Reality Tour. It’s easy to download the app http://VRtv.Vegas

New VR headset, just use a phone to sample a trip to Vegas

If you haven’t been to Las Vegas this is a great way to get a feel for the amazing spectacle that makes this Luxury destination a favourite for so many. I loved Vegas so much that I was inspired to set my fourth novel there 4am in Las Vegas.

At lunch in Residence Stephens Green

If you are searching for a fun place to celebrate a big birthday or even a honeymoon, then Vegas ticks all the boxes. Fine dining, fun attractions, thrills of the Grand Canyon and entertainment that will not be beaten anywhere in the world check out


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