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Secret Flying, a team of passionate travellers, have set up a free service to help holidaymakers find the best deals on their air travels. The company works in close cooperation with partner SkyScanner to share with users the cheapest and most savvy deals available in real time, helping them make the most savings on their air journeys.

Secret Flying use a custom-built algorithm which consistently scans ticket prices to detect error fares, cheap deals and unannounced sales, which are then shared with users. The company is not a travel agent and only lists the deals available, sourcing its revenue by taking a commission out of the savings made by the user. None of the users’ personal information or payment details are collected along the way.

Secret Flying founder Tarik Allag first got the idea of the company four years ago, when he stumbled upon an error fare of $160 for a New York to Rio de Janeiro roundtrip. Tarik then decided to create a website to share these deals with the world and help frequent and casual travellers find the best deals.

“All deals showcased on Secret Flying must pass rigorous checks to ensure customers are getting the best deals,” Tarik explains. “Once they select a deal, users are automatically redirected to the tickets’ corresponding page on SkyScanner, with the correct dates, times, and destination already selected. They can then proceed with their booking directly.”

In addition to its website, Secret Flying also just launched new mobile applications on both iOS and Android, which feature push notifications to receive alerts on flight deals as soon as they become available. To make the service more personalised, users can register for free on the app and choose to only receive deal alerts based on the departure cities they have subscribed to.

The company showcases deals on flights all over the world and from all airports, with many exotic destinations available. Users can find deals on both short and long notice flights and is particularly interesting for those planning their trip in advance with greater flexibility on times and destinations.

For more information please visit www.SecretFlying.com


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