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Hello and welcome!
I have written seven novels set in various locations around the world and have been writing travel articles for Ireland’s national newspapers for four years now. I started blogging about my travels a couple of years ago and you can see me these days on TV3’s Midday every Tuesday at 11.30am. I’ll be tweeting and facebooking travel news too so please join me on @noveltraveller and on my facebook page The Novel Traveller.

If you would like to read one of my books they are available to purchase on www.amazon.co.uk
Nothing expands the mind like travel and I love to see new locations and watch different cultures. After teaching art for many years I’ve learned that nothing inspires young and old like seeing the way people live, work, eat and make beautiful art around the world. I hope you will join me and leave comments, questions and suggestions.
Happy travelling

Michelle 🙂


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  1. Hi Michelle I re gently heard you speak on newstalk in relation to refunds for delayed flights. I missed the name of the company you recommended. Could you let me know whenever possible. Is there a charge with this company. Many thanks. Ann Walsh

    • Hi Jacqueline have you other preferences for places to go to help me direct you. Lots of hotels are equipped for wheel chair access and I’d need some idea of what area you’d like in Ireland? Michelle

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